In a C-Cup meeting the week before the IRRI/Smart Bigas Hackathon, MRTtrackr‘s Michie suggested I do a Farmville type game for the event. I originally didn’t want to do it, instead favoring more relevant apps for IRRI. However, two things convinced me to go with making a game:

  • If I was to participate, I needed to have a team. The only teammate I could get was Alvin who was there mainly as an observer. For those who don’t know Alvin Chan, he’s a game designer.
  • IRRI actually needs a game: their educational rice growing simulation was written in True Basic and badly needed a port/update.

Long story short, we made a game and we won the game category.

You can play the game now at The source code is also available on Github.

Here’s a video of our “winning presentation”:

If you want to learn more about how we did the app, attend the Pre-Hackathon meetup for the 4SQHackPH. I’ll be there to talk about hackathon stuff.

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