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As promised, here’s the game I made for the Global Game Jam.

Seeing that I couldn’t think of a quick web-based game matching the theme “Ouroboros”, I just went ahead with a joke I made sometime after the Ruby Rumble:

Sa susunod na Rumble, gagawa ako ng hentai game sa Ruby!
(For the next Rumble, I’ll make a hentai game in Ruby!)

So yeah, that’s how I ended up with a Visual Novel. Unfortunately for the people expecting sexually explicit scenes (which was about a third of the people who saw the game), the “game” I made was more ATLUS/Capcom than Key/Type-Moon.

Anyway, it’s more of a tech demo than a game, with me trying to implement a Cloud-based multi-platform visual novel with psychological themes and non-standard tactical RPG gameplay. Or in non-buzzword speak, an HTML5 adventure game playable over the internet.

Play it here.

Please use fake email addresses so you could view the changes when you change the answers to the initial questions.

Some boring technical details:

I didn’t release the code because of how ridiculously horrible it is. I mean, using GET to update state, WTF?!?

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One Response to Project Я: A Ruby/HTML5 Visual Novel

  1. Romy Ilano says:

    wow! this is cute. I love it when people use Ruby for non obvious ideas like this 8D

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