Had a coding itch last week related to web scraping and LaTeX PDF conversion. One thing led to another and the end result was my first ever Ruby Gem:

ffnpdf, a tool that converts FanFiction.net stories into PDF files.

(Great for putting your favorite Harry Potter slash fics on your mobile phone or tablet for portable use! LOL)

The code and documentation are found at the Github page. Theoretically, this gem can work anywhere Ruby, pandoc, and XeTeX can be installed (e.g. Windows, OS X, *nix) but I’ve only been able to make the whole thing work in Ubuntu/Mint.

Demo and how-tos are posted in this playlist:

I haven’t gotten around to make a license for this, but I assume that anyone into fanfiction knows that publishing and selling fanfics without consent from the rights owner is a big no-no. Thus, I don’t need remind them that this tool is just for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

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