It’s been a very busy week so I wasn’t able to write a post last Thursday. I’m still pretty busy with a bunch of stuff so this will just be a quick post.

Here’s a TED talk about what happens when you announce your goals to the world:

This has happened way too many times earlier in my life, back when I was still a hyperactive (yet introverted) loudmouth. Fortunately I learned to shut up about my goals about the time I got into college.

One good example: in my past job, there was a gym fad going around a few years back. Those who were actively announcing that they were to lose weight didn’t follow through with their gym plans, while those who just kept quiet about the whole thing (e.g. me) had the most visible results.

And that’s why I’m not talking about the stuff that’s keeping me busy these days.

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2 Responses to Keeping your goals to yourself

  1. Jonn says:

    I won’t lie, praise from peers is like a drug and not the least of a person’s motivators (to me at least. XD)

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