Nostalgia, whining, and even more whining in this issue of “Bry is too lazy to get a Tumblr account”.

GeoCities Shutdown

Last October 26, Yahoo pulled its plug on GeoCities, the free web hosting service that defined the Internet looked like before the turn of the millennium. To mark this event, xkcd paid tribute to the dot-com boom icon by “redesigning” their website.

xkcd GeoCities tribute

A mirror of this tribute as well as other tributes are mirrored over at this site.

Princess Robot Bubblegum

GTA IV was fun (except for the people calling you on your phone part). Watching TV in GTA IV was fun especially if the Saturday morning cartoon mocking Republicans was on. Unfortunately, the TV show lineup is really limited, with shows shuffled and looped randomly. Heck, Liberty City doesn’t even have anime on broadcast TV.

Princess Robot Bubblegum

Until now.

(The real fun part in the article is the comments section. Seeing weeaboos in denial: priceless.)

App Store WTF

Google Wave

No, I’m not talking about the Apple App Store. I’m talking about plans for making a Google Wave App Store.

Let me just list the reasons why this is a WTF:

  • Google Wave Gadgets are written in JavaScript (and HTML/CSS). Anyone can view and copy the source code of gadgets, making selling gadgets impractical.
  • Even if you find a way to package Gadgets as binaries, they’re primarily multi-user applications. This means that every person in the wave must own the gadget before using it… a crazy lockdown scheme if you ask me.
  • As for the Google Wave Robots, the only way I could think of for selling them is to charge a fee for usage, either a one-time fee or a subscription model. Again, the multi-user scheme makes this seem impractical.

But then again, this is Google. They probably have something already in the works to deal with those problems.

Facebook Whining

Facebook changes

Facebook changed its feed view. Again.

And people are whining. Again.

The irony here is that most of the people whining are the ones that made the previous change annoying as it was, namely, the people who keep on posting quiz results.

Sorry to break it to you guys, but Facebook won’t change the feed back to what it was. All of this whining will only make you prone to falling for scams just like the last time.

I, for one, enjoy the Live Feed because it allows me to see if a person I know has entered within 2 degrees of separation from me. Given that my cliques are often obscure, it’s a good way to see if old friends have kept in touch with each other.

Holy Shit, Team Fortress 2 for $2.49!!!

Holy Shit, Team Fortress 2 for $2.49!!!

To kick of their Halloween update, they practically gave the game away. Too bad it was only on for 2 hours.

Infinity Ward Shit

To summarize the things Infinity Ward / Activision has done to screw up the “most anticipated game of 2009”:

  • They introduce matchmaking to the PC version of Modern Warfare 2. That would’ve been ok if they didn’t remove the option to host dedicated servers altogether.
  • Modern Warfare 2 for the PC costs $60 to match it with its console counterparts. It doesn’t make sense, however, since Activision isn’t paying royalties for developing for the PC unlike when developing for XBox 360 or PS3. Australians have it worse at $90 on Steam.
  • PS3 advertising is almost nonexistent. There also have been rumors that the hardcore mode has been cut out of the PS3 version.
  • The “plot twist” that made MW 1 awesome has its counterpart in MW 2. This time, however, it happens at the start of the game and may be too controversial for a lot of people.

The result?

MW2 Fail

What should have been at the top of this list is now at the bottom. A lot of people have changed their mindset from “must buy!” to “hmm… let’s wait first for the reviews.”

Just look at the titles above it; with $60, you could buy 2 decent RPGs, a single player FPS, and a multiplayer cooperative FPS.

And Football Manager? WTF?!?

Random Pic of the Week

From Facebook:

Kopyahan? tang ina mo sige i-try mo kung kaya mo

According the the comments, this was taken in a UST College of Commerce and Business Administration class.

And yes, they look like horses at a racetrack.

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