I could go out tomorrow and buy a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate; even though I am unemployed, I have enough money in the bank and credit in my credit cards to make the ~11k purchase look negligible.

But I won’t.

Because it won’t give me any value.

I have Windows 7 RC 1 running on my rig for months now and it has been working fine for me so far. The only reason I’ll need to upgrade is when the nagging screens start to pop up at March. Until then, I doubt that there would be problems sticking with this current installation.

Now think what I could do with 11-13k:

  • books that could boost my knowledge
  • games that could give me a break from the boredom of studying
  • exercise gear that could convince me to start working out again
  • office supplies that can help me organize my room/workspace
  • visits to coffee shops whose pretentious environments could provide me sparks of creativity

Note that “buying new clothes” and “going out of town” isn’t on the list. Those things might provide value for you, but they definitely won’t work for me.

I’ll just get a copy of Windows 7 once I get some disposable income or when February rolls in, whichever comes first.

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