Windows 7 launch this week. Will drop by Gilmore tomorrow to see if they’re already selling OEM versions of Windows 7.

7 patty Whopper

Japan probably got the best deals out of this launch. Not only do they get a custom theme, an official OS-tan voiced by popular voice actress Nana Mizuki, they also get a special Burger King 7-patty Whopper for only ¥777 (for the first 30 customers, ¥1,450 for the rest).

What do we Filipinos get?

A freaking SM North Edsa Launch Event and a PhP 7,777 pre-order “promo” for the stripped down Windows 7 Home Basic. If it was a Home Premium, that might have made sense, but just a PhP 223 discount for an already crippled version? Sorry, we’ll pass.

Oh, and yeah, Apple has already rolled out their Get a Mac response ads. They were fun back in the Vista days, but after the Snow Leopard screw ups and the stability of Windows 7… meh.

More random stuff from this week below the cut.

Ice glowing red hot. Who cares if it’s fake or not, it’s still awesome!!!1!1

Hot Fuzz

If the original writer writes fanfiction on his own work, is it still considered fanfiction? What if it’s slash fiction? The mind boggles. o_O


How to piss off the PC gaming community: take away dedicated servers in an upcoming AAA game.

Matchmaking might work with smaller multiplayer games like Starcraft II and L4D (though many are saying it isn’t working in the latter), but for a large scale latency dependent game like Modern Combat 2, it’s just plain stupid.

The online petition already has over 141k signatures, far higher than your run of the mill online petition. In contrast, a petition against a guy who disrespected the funeral of a widely respected president got only 72k signatures. Let’s see how Infinity Ward deals with this.

Got the top spot over at, 80 reputation ahead of former co-worker Jon. (As if I care about reps… the low badge count should have given that away. :P )

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