I didn’t get to tweet this but I think it deserves at least a short blog post.

Last Sunday, while waiting for the final pitches, I (an unemployed slacker, LOL) got to sit at the same table as John Arce of WebGeek, Jason Torres of Proudcloud and ArtisteConnect, Rico Sta. Cruz of (among other things) JS2Coffee and Sparkup, and Eric Su of PicLyf.

The surreal thing about this was not just the fact that I got to be with these big names in the local tech industry, but the fact that, contrary to what the tech media would lead you to believe, there was no “rockstar” thing going on in that table.

As it stood, we were just a bunch of people who build software talking about building software.

We need more of this in the tech industry: people collaborating and talking about great ideas, and less pissing matches and startup fan fiction.

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