Ignite Manila

Two months ago, I was invited by Red, a former co-worker, to talk in the first Ignite Manila event. I’m not really busy at the moment so I accepted the offer.

I’m not in the mood to post a long-winded report on the event so here are some highlights:

  • The event was great! There was a good mix of topics and the audience was really into it. The only downside I think would be the lack of stereotypical geeks in the crowd (most of the people there were “closet geeks” :P).
  • The best talks for the night are ironically the least likely to be featured in the global O’Reilly Ignite site: Norman Wilwayco‘s “rebellious” talk (that’s an understatement, pero digs!) and Khavn dela Cruz‘s 5 minute presentation/performance on his potentially controversial Day Old Flicks.
  • Probably the most well-balanced talk would be from Carlos Celdran. The topic was socially relevant, the slides were simple and were there to enhance the talk, and he was presenting to the audience and not talking to the wall.
  • As for my talk, I’ll leave that to the next post.

Congratulations to the team behind Ignite Manila for this successful event! I’ll be looking forward to the next Ignite Manila! :D

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