When I was in high school, buying a large Coke from McDonald’s was the most cost-effective way to get your soda fix. Sure, about a third of the cup would be ice, it’s better than shelling out 20 for a 12oz can from a vending machine.

Nowadays, however, it seems that most restaurants get their profit from their drinks, with Jolibee and McDonald’s being the worst offenders:

  • 7/11 Big Gulp (22oz) – PhP 25
  • Big soda (16oz) at Sbarro – PhP 28
  • Coke Light 500ml PET (17oz) at Mini Stop – PhP 30
  • Coke Light 1.5l PET (~51oz) at Mini Stop – PhP 43
  • Large soda (16oz) at Jolibee and McDonald’s – PhP 45 ಠ_ಠ

Think about it next time you order fast food.

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