Did a lightning talk for DevCon DLSU last Wednesday. Not really liking the end result. My decision to deliver it in English is mainly to blame: I wrongly guessed that La Salle students would react better to English than Tagalog (the latter I prefer when giving talks), and all I got from it was having my lack of practice look more obvious.

I think the worst part about my talk was the way how the “sarcastic-whiny-tone” I use in my normal everyday Tagalog creeped into my usually more professional sounding English voice. I’ll probably have to do weeks of voice retraining to eliminate that. =/

Anyway, here is the video of the talk as well as the slides.

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2 Responses to What it takes to be a Web Developer

  1. Jerome says:

    Hello Mr.Bryan. I really find your slideshow helpful for aspiring web developers. Anyway, I would like to be a web application developer and I want to use ruby for it. I would like to ask for advice, where should I start and what are the things I should learn so that I can deliver high quality services. Thank you. :D

  2. marrrked says:

    thanks for sharing! actually i think you did a great talk in a span of 10+ minutes. didnt know about the progmotherf* site. again, thanks for sharing! ;)

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