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Thanks to a Battlefield 3 Beta losing streak that I blame on my sucky internet connection, I’ve decided to update my hack-job of a standalone Windows installer for Rails.

Now there are two separate installers, a Ruby 1.8.7 + Rails 3.0.10 installer and a Ruby 1.9.2 + Rails 3.1.0. Here’s a table to give a quick comparison between these two installers with RailsInstaller thrown into the mix:

  RailsInstaller 2 RailsFTW (Rails 3.1) RailsFTW (Rails 3.0)
Ruby version 1.9.2-p290 1.8.7-p352
Rails version 3.1.0 3.0.10
File Size ~55MB ~20MB ~10MB
DB Adapter Gems sqlite3, pg, tiny_tds (MS SQL Server) sqlite3, mysql2
Additional Features git, DevKit
Internet Connection Required? Yes No (Bundler will fail to connect to server but new apps will still work) No
Compiled by Some of the biggest names in the Ruby community Some random third world developer. LOL
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2 Responses to RailsFTW v0.9 released, now with Rails 3.1

  1. Yuri says:

    Hey, I liked the idea of streamlining the railsinstaller. I have a few suggestions, however.
    You might consider taking mysql2 out of package and adding DevKit. Although with sqlite3 will well be enough for a main install, without DevKit some of the gems are not going to work.

    Keep up good job.

    • Bry says:

      RailsFTW is meant to be a training tool. You can learn the fundamentals of Ruby and Rails without installing gems that require DevKit.

      By the time you need to install DevKit (~100+ hours of training), you’re probably at the level of skill wherein going to the RubyInstaller site and installing it on your own isn’t going to be a problem.

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