PhP 183K for a PC looks like is overkill. :P

For the curious, I’ve checked how much the whole thing would cost in real life.

I’m feeling lazy so most of the parts here came from today’s PC Express’ SRP price list.

One Quad Core 2.83…

Most of the choices are dependent on her chosen motherboard below, the Asus Striker II Formula. It’s an LGA 775 motherboard so it’s safe to assume that the quad core procie above is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550.

Core 2 Quad

PC Express sells it for PhP 12,580.

16 gig DDR2…

No DDR2 motherboard supports 16 GB of RAM in real life. The Asus Striker II Formula only supports 8 GB, so for this part we’ll choose 4 sticks of Corsair XMS2 DHX memory.

Corsair XMS2 DHX

PC Express sells a pair for PhP 5,180 so the price for 8 GB is PhP 10,360.

Two One-Terra[sic] 72 hundred…

Not a bad choice, but Solid State Drives would have been a better choice for gaming. Anyway, we’ll just stick to 2 x 1TB Seagate drives.

1 TB Seagate HDD

PC Express sells them for PhP 4,700 a pop so the price for 2 is PhP 9,400.

GE-Force 900 GT…

This is where the writers screwed up: there’s no such thing as an nVidia 900GT card. The closest would be a 9800GTX, but that still won’t be hardcore enough.

For the sake of the lola, we’ll choose 3 OC’ed nVidia GeForce GTX 260 (they support 3-way SLi).

nVidia GeForce GTX 260

Three of those cards can be bought from PC Express at PhP 32,070.

SLI Motherboard… a Striker 2, I guess.

The only DDR2 motherboard in the Asus Striker 2 line is the Asus Striker II Formula.

Asus Striker II Formula

It’s an enthusiast board so you could only get it from non-retail sources like TipidPC. One premium seller there is selling it for PhP 13,000.

And then a cordless laser mouse… And a wireless keyboard. The one with red lights?

Ignoring the red lights request, we’ll just go with Logitech MX 3200.

Logitech MX 3200

PC Express sells this item at PhP 4,160.

Two 24-widescreen monitors…

The only 24″ monitor in the PCX pricelist is the Samsung T240HD.

Samsung T240HD

They go for PhP 24,030 each, so that makes it PhP 48,060 for the monitors.

(As a side note, 24K for a 24″ monitor is quite expensive. Those monitors normally go for 16-18k nowadays.)

And an orange casing. The one that looks like a spaceship.

I’m going to ignore this one because I have no love for orange casings. We’ll just go with Antec Nine Hundred.

Antec Nine Hundred

That’s PhP 7,830 at PCX.

For the PSU, we’ll get a Corsair HX1000 to power up our triple SLi rig.

Corsair HX1000

PCX doesn’t carry them, so we’ll get one from PCHub for PhP 11,200.

Total Cost of Rig: PhP 148,660.

Even with Windows 7 Ultimate, it still won’t reach 183K.

Of course, if we replace the GeForce GTX 260’s with GTX 295’s, that would be another story…

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2 Responses to Lola Techie's Dream Machine

  1. aries says:

    how about try computing the cost using the most expensive price out there, it would probably be at least 160k hehehe

  2. aries says:

    how about try computing the cost using the most expensive price out there, it would probably be at least 160k hehehe

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