Lean marks the 100th daily entry post for this blog. Yay, me!

To mark this occasion, let’s look back to those 100 posts and see if we could find something interesting.

At 27 posts, fundamentals is the most used tag from the list of tags. Not really surprising since I have to start with the fundamentals first before moving on to more complicated stuff.

As for the categories, let’s go through them one by one.

Software Engineering (35 posts)

Again, no surprise here. Developing software is my craft so it would be weird if most of my “brain dumps” aren’t related to it.

After browsing through the posts, I am proud to say that none of them are taught properly in college. Sure, the theories about OOP and the Waterfall Model are taught, but not on the level that they can be used practically in real-life situations.

Some highlights in the SE category:

Introduction to SE
On Software Engineering
C.A.R. Hoare on Computer Science and Software Engineering
Developer Nomenclature

The OOP Path
The Complicator’s Gloves
A Mantra for Modern Developers
Object Oriented Programming Basics
Object Oriented Principles

Management (24 posts)

In this day and age, you can’t survive in software development if you’re not familiar with basic management concepts. Whether it’s knowing whether your manager is just screwing with you or knowing whether your company’s strategy is sound, there are many reasons why even rank-and-file employees should understand management.

Some highlights:

Software Development Related
The Parable of the Two Programmers
Zed Shaw – The ACL is Dead
Cargo Cult Thinking
Angry Monkeys

General Management
Few Quotes from Drucker
Best Practices
The Knowledge Worker
Taylor and Deming

Hardware (14 posts)

This category holds my most popular posts; I’m probably the only blogger out there who had thought of playing around with CD-R King’s modem-router when it first came out.

Other highlights in this category include my gaming PC building series:
Gaming PC Builder Challenge, pt 1
Gaming PC Builder Challenge, pt 2
Gaming PC Builder Challenge, pt 3

Productivity (11 posts)

Mostly personal advice on productivity. Think Lifehacker-lite.


Stuck on Stupid
Pareto Principle

Track PC usage with ManicTime
Hipster PDA
My Essential Apps
My Firefox Extensions

Finance (5 posts) and Fitness (7 posts)

The existence of these two strongly intertwined categories is starting to become more and more ironic everyday: I’m unemployed and bleeding money, and I’m slowly getting fatter everyday because I don’t get much exercise.

Anyway, here are some other interesting posts in those categories:

Fitness and Faulty Advertising
Ignore Paydays
Something Not So Obvious About Exercise

Training (6 posts)

Personal thoughts on teaching. Will be important later on once I connect this to Software Engineering.

Some highlights:
Tips for New Trainers/Teachers
Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition
Continuous Learning

Memetics (8 posts), Between Heaven and Earth (6 posts), and Personal Favorites (1 post)

Personal thoughts consisting mostly of fluff. Nothing really worth highlighting here except for the Ako Mismo posts.

And that’s it for the first 100 posts. I probably could have reached that mark much earlier had I been serious about posting, but I think five months for 100 posts is still okay.

As mentioned above, I’ll be moving on to more complicated stuff from now on. I’m hoping this blog would look less like a software engineering textbook and more like a “real” blog. :P

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