UPS serviced by ClixLogic, Inc


APC UPS battery needs replacement


Umm.. because it’s already past its lifespan? The biggest sign that it needed replacement that day was when the UPS won’t turn on after dying.

No, wait, the biggest sign was the fact that I had to pry open the battery cover because the battery already expanded like those bulging MacBook Pro batteries two years ago.


ClixLogic, Inc. handles the servicing of APC products in the Philippines.

Their Manila office is Brgy. Holy Spirit in Quezon City so for people living in southern part of Metro Manila, bringing and retrieving a heavy device all the way there can be difficult. Fortunately, they have a closer drop-off point, Signal Telecom, at V-Mall Greenhills.

Here’s how I got my UPS’s battery replaced:

  1. I brought my UPS to Signal Telecom at the 3rd floor of V-Mall and told them I was there to have the battery replaced. They took the device, gave me an order slip/receipt, and told me to call ClixLogic informing them of my service request. I didn’t pay anything at this point.
  2. Called ClixLogic. They said they’ll pick it up from Signal Telecom the next time they go there (usually Fridays).
  3. Once they saw the UPS in Signal Telecom, a ClixLogic employee texted me their quotation for the battery replacement (1.8k for a BK650-AS RB17 battery) and asked for confirmation of the job. Obviously, I gave them the go signal.
  4. After about 3 weeks of no response, I followed up my service request by calling their office last Friday. I don’t know if there was a mix-up involved, but regardless, they said they’ll deliver the UPS to Signal Telecom on Monday.
  5. A guy from Signal Telecom texted me today that my UPS is now with them.
  6. I went to Signal Telecom, showed them my order slip, paid the 1.8k, and got my UPS back.

I’m not good with RMAs or the like so depending on your diskarte, you might be able to get your battery replaced with less hassle.

Next up, RMA-ing a Seagate hard drive.

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