paycheck is overrated

Back when I was still working, I never really cared about paydays. So while everyone else was looking forward to those two days in the month where their accounts would magically be filled with money again, I’d be actually be so oblivious about those dates that I’m often surprised when the ATM receipt says I have more money in my account since I last checked it.

Since I didn’t care about my paycheck, I didn’t realize that it was a very good indication of my financial stability until Lifehacker linked to The Simple Dollar post about living from paycheck-to-paycheck.

Paycheck-to-paycheck living happens when you are regularly waiting for your next paycheck before you make basic financial moves, like paying bills or buying food or doing something fun. It’s incredibly dangerous for a number of reasons:

While it has never been not be applicable to me, I know many of my friends have this mentality. Head over to the post and see if the advice there would help improve your financial stability.

The First Steps Away from Paycheck-to-Paycheck Living [from The Simple Dollar, linked by Lifehacker]

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