Takte, nakasulat na nga sa unang linya na pumila ako para kunin SSS ID ko, tinatanong ninyo pa ako kung tiungkol sa SSS number ninyo.

Isa kayo sa mga rason kung bakit hindi umuunlad bansa natin.

Philippine Social Security System

Spent a good part of the day waiting in line for SSS ID processing. Realized later that I could make a short yet informative post about it.

I don’t want to insult my reader’s intelligence (which is what, averaging 140? :P ) so I’ll minimize repeating stuff found in the official website.

SSS number

What is it:

It’s the Philippines’ version of US’ Social Security Number. Like its counterpart, not only does it provide employers benefits like insurance and loans, the number also serves as an official identification number.

It’s also compulsory for employees and employers. Prospective employees are required to get one before starting work.

How to apply for it:

As I said above, I won’t be insulting your intelligence–just go to the site for details.

There are some stuff missing from that site, though. They’re common knowledge so they pretty much have the right to leave them out.

First, one can apply for the SSS number at any SSS branch. Just choose the one closest to you for convenience. And yes, all forms are available onsite.

Another thing is that while the process is brief (inspection of documents, double-checking of details, and affixing of thumbmark), there may be a lot of people applying for SSS numbers. Try to come to the office as early as 8AM you don’t want to wait for more than 1 hour in line.


What is it:

It’s just your SSS number in ID form… until you realize it contains your biometric data (mug shot, 4 fingerprints and signature samples).

Because of this, it’s one of the few items that can identify you as a citizen even without other supporting documents. Those other items are your passport, your Seaman’s Book (if you’re a seaman), and your PRC Card (if you’re a registered professional).

The biggest thing going for it is it’s free. You just have to make at least one SSS contribution to be eligible for it. Replacement cards require a fee, though.

How to apply for it:

Look here.

One thing not mentioned there is that the E-6 form requires you to specify the SSS number of your latest employer. Assuming you’re running a legit business, this number is in a plate displayed near the entrance of your office along with other similar government plates e.g. community/business tax. Being unemployed, I just had a former co-worker look it up and text me the number.

Also, the same warning about long lines applies for the ID too. In my experience this morning/afternoon, the counter for E-1 (new applications) and E-6 are the same. The long wait should give you time to think about the 4 digit PIN number which will be asked near the end of the process for locking your biometric data.

And finally, don’t expect the ID to arrive soon. You could, however, follow up after 30 days with the stub provided to you at the end of process.


What is it:

An online account for SSS members. You can inquire your employment and donation history with this account (among other things).

How to apply for it:

Register here.

It’s pretty straightforward. Like ID registration, you’ll need your employer’s number here too.

[09/09/09 update: looks like SSS finally used the correct port numbers for HTTP and HTTPS instead of 7777 and 4443]

[09/16/09 update: I finally got my card in the mail after almost 4 months of waiting. :D]

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21 Responses to SSS Number, ID, and Online Account

  1. kerwin says:

    sang branch ka kumuha ng SSS ID? im planning to get one soon. any tips?

  2. Bry says:

    Sa Taguig City branch (beside Land Bank), isang sakay lang ng tricycle mula sa amin. Basically yung nakasulat lang sa taas yung advice ko, though yun nga lang, di ko parin nakukuha SSS ID ko after almost 4 months :(

  3. dan wisely t. espina says:

    pwd malaman sss number ko kc na wla yong e-1 ko

  4. Bry says:

    Dapat meron record employer mo ng SSS number mo. Kung wala, pwede kang pumunta sa kahit anong SSS branch para mag-inquire ng lost SSS number.

  5. detch says:

    bakit ganun? hindi daw pwede na kahit saang branch lang kumuha ng SSS number.. kelangan daw mismo dun sa specific na branch? hay.. kaloka at stress.. another thing, pwede ba iba magpasa nung e-1 form at claim ang SSS number? thank you

  6. Bry says:

    For the first question, sigurado ako na pwede kang mag-apply ng SSS number kahit saang branch ng SSS. Yun nga yung dahilan kung bakit maraming branch, para di mahaba pila sa main.

    Doon naman sa pagpasa ng form, sa pagkakaalam ko parang passport kasi yun, dapat may personal appearance para sigurado na tugma yung ID / papeles sa nag-aaply. Yun nga lang, walang nakasulat sa requirements na kailangan personal appearance, di tulad ng sa passport.

  7. New Grad says:

    Hey thanks for this! Sure helped a lot…

  8. rolette cortes says:

    alamin ko po ang sss number ko

  9. kristopher says:

    pede ba malaman yung sss internet?nawala kasi yung form ko

  10. ronald de leon says:

    mam naiwan po id nyo samin paki contact nalang po number n to s rentahan ng wilchair s trinoma pls po…asap salamat po……….txt 09106210419 godblez po….name adoracion a.umali

  11. cyril precia says:

    pwede ko po bang malaman yung e-1? ko kasi nakalimutan ko na yung e-1 number ko. . please lang po pki txt lang po saakin. ito po yung # ko 09497495562. . . plz. lang po kailangan ko lang po kasi eh.. maraming salamat po..

  12. GENE GRACE says:

    gusto ko malaman sss number ko…………?

  13. Bry says:

    Pakiusap sa mga tamad magbasa: magmumukha lang kayong tanga kung mag-iiwan kayo ng comment.

    Pakibasa ang nakasulat sa itaas bago kayo magkumento. Kahit di kayo marunong mag-ingles, sigurado maiintindihan ninyo ang unang 3 linya na sinulat ko sa itaas.

  14. michelle says:

    can i know how to find my sssloan cheque if approved

  15. Bry says:

    Woohoo, isa pang tanga!

  16. migs says:

    Is there a site where i can search for my previous employers 13 digit SSS employer number?

  17. Jessa says:

    makakakuha pba ako ng original na e-1?kc nawawala ung e-1 q..panu kumuha ulit??peru alam q nmn ung sss number q eh..

  18. Bry says:

    Parami nang parami ang mga tanga!

  19. nhie says:

    its wiser to ask than to criticize, don’t tell tanga to a person lalo na if they are asking just, if your intelligent enough to understand it…

    • Bry says:

      Wise: People who ask questions.

      Tanga: People who ask questions even though the person they are asking has repeatedly and clearly informed them that he doesn’t know the answer.

      Know the difference.